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It’s gotten a little bit of press lately and apparently it helps with depression, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia, and is cardioprotective, anti-cancer, boosts libido, and is anti-oxidant. An article mentioned it’s like eleuthero but apparently more effective in some respects. On the flip side, though, the formula is not standardized to contain salidroside, a compound that contributes to several of its medicinal properties. What’s more, it does have filler ingredients including silicon dioxide, cellulose, and magnesium stearate. Jarrow Formulas is a company that specializes in different nutrition products including herbal supplements, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Based in Los Angeles, California, this brand offers a very potent Rhodiola extract.

  • By raising levels of monamines and beta-endorphins, Rhodiola raises a “stress buffer” system comparable to serotonin stress buffer raised by SSRI antidepressants including St. John’s wort.
  • With rhodiola, problems of fatigue- or exhaustion-related sleep, appetite, and headache may lift.
  • In research on blood samples taken from runners, rhodiola inhibited the duplication of viral infections.
  • Other small studies suggest it may improve symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder and mild to moderate depression.
  • Because of the fact that Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb, it also helps you bring body balance.
  • Upstream raw materials and instrumentation and downstream demand analysis is additionally dispensed.
  • It helps to balance cortisol levels in the body, meaning if they are too high it can bring them down and vice versa.
  • Though its therapeutic effects have yet to be proven, the studies on Rhodiola rosea all seem to agree that any side effects are mild.
  • Potassium helps to halt cardiac contraction, allowing the heart cells to get some rest before the next contraction.
  • Rosea by examining their effects on an active but not performance oriented group, more typical of regularly active individuals in the general population.
  • Local Peruvian populations use it as an aphrodisiac and superfood, making maca a staple food in their diet.
  • Because of the vast array of health benefits that Rhodiola rosea can provide, indiscriminate harvesting of roots from the wild has forced the plant onto the Red List of endangered species in many European countries.
  • And the consumers who consume a lot of rhodiola rosea dosages every week have no escape from this medical condition.
  • Rhodiola rosea is plant extract that is considered likely safe for most people when used at the recommended serving size.

For those who live with chronic pain and depend on conventional pain meds even after healthy lifestyle adjustments, it might be worth a talk with your doctor. In the cognition arena, things are a little less contested. A 2014 meta-analysis that included 437 subjects across 9 studies indicated that bacopa can improve cognition and decrease choice reaction time.

Study Selection

Its root contains more than 140 active ingredients, with the two most potent being rosavin and salidroside . During each of the cycling trials, heart rate was monitored continuously and assessed every 10 minutes. Participants were also asked to provide ratings of perceived exertion using the Borg 6–20 scale . The RPE scale was presented to students for 1 minute prior to their rating of perceived exertion at each time point and was not visible other than this.

How To Take Rhodiola Rosea And Dosage

High-stress modern living is probably the main factor causing chronic disease and premature aging. Fortunately, Mother Nature has an answer to this challenge – a unique class of herbal products called ‘adaptogens’. Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogenic herb, is a long-time BrainWiz favorite. Some rely on it to help fight jet-lag, while others take it on a daily basis. It is considered to be one of the most active adaptogenic drugs, and it shows up in quite a few nootropic stacks. After taking it about 10 days I don’t specifically feel much energy difference, but I stack it with a bunch of other stuff.

This was in a blend of Ashwagandha, Korean Ginseng, Eleuthero and Licorice. However by the second day, I was feeling pressure and swelling in my neck. If you’ve supplemented with Rhodiola Rosea, be sure to share any side effects you experienced in the comments section below. To help others better understand your situation, share the specific side effects that you endured and whether they subsided over time.

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Rosavin and salidroside are thought to break down MAO, allowing your “feel good” chemicals to flow more readily throughout the brain. It’s important to note that rosavins are not found in any other plant on earth. Rhodiola has a range of potential benefits that fall outside the strictly nootropic.

Rhodiola Rosea Capsules 4% Salidroside’s High Strength British

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It is linked to obesity-related conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. It’s also difficult to reduce, as you know if you’ve been working out and improving your diet but still seeing stubborn fat in those areas. The main way Rhodiola helps you lose weight is with a huge energy boost.

Traditional Medicine

Given that I wasn’t involved in any type of athletic activity today 2 was just too much for me to take at one time. I mainly sat and made some business plans on laptop today but I finally had to get up do some pushups and run/walk around the park several times to feel comfortable. We help you unlock the true potential of your mind with nootropic supplement reviews, coupons, brain hacks, and more. What works best for me is 250 mg of Rhodiola in the morning, along with a cup of Bulletproot/fat-infused coffee. If I anticipate a high-stress day, I will follow it up with another 250 mg of Rhodiola with lunch. Note that Rhodiola doesn’t necessarily become more effective with a higher dose, and dosages above 600 mg haven’t been shown to be clinically effective .

First and foremost, rhodiola rosea is known to significantly reduce feelings of mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Another study, published in a 2009 edition of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, looked at the protective power of rhodiola rosea extract when given to rats before they were subjected to brain injury. This study found that a rhodiola rosea extract had a significant protective effect on the brains of rats with brain damage. While the study presents a nice foray into the potential of rhodiola for treating any number of mental maladies, it’s important to note that supplements like the one used in the study are often loaded with nasty fillers. Why they feel the need to put titanium dioxide and several other strange ingredients is beyond me.

Could Help Reduce Symptoms Of Depression

I prefer the 3% rosavin version a little more because of the calming effect I get from it. So I usually use that one regularly, and this one for days I know I need a bit more boost. In a generation where mental health is becoming an increasingly relevant topic, remedies that improve healthy brain function should be championed. Although cortisol doesn’t cause stress, it is responsible for some of its associated symptoms like palpitations, increased blood pressure, and anxiety. Because Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen, one of its main functions is stress regulation. One key study examining Rhodiola rosea’s therapeutic applications found improvements of stress symptoms were observed after just three days of treatment, as were continuing improvements after one and four weeks.

Rosea by examining their effects on an active but not performance oriented group, more typical of regularly active individuals in the general population. As such, rhodiola’s benefits can be best summed up as improved mental and physical performance under stress. Indeed, it is commonly used in Russia by doctors, students, athletes, and other individuals prone to stints of intense mental and physical exertion, and the use of rhodiola is quickly rising worldwide. I am new on my journey with Rhodiola, but so far am impressed with the gentle way it helps with mood, energy and alleviates stress.

Researchers wanted to determine whether the Rhodiola supplementation could prevent stress-induced behavioral and physiological alterations. Measures of food intake, body weight, and behaviors were all documented. Secondary measures included the Four-Dimensional Anxiety and Depression Scale and the Clinical Global Impressions of Severity/Improvement Scale. Participants taking Rhodiola at 340 mg daily for 10 weeks had significantly reduced levels of anxiety as determined by the HARS. The significant reduction in anxiety reported in this pilot study is similar to reductions documented in clinical trials. True, rhodiola rosea may alleviate anxiety in some people, however it may increase it in others.

Seriously, you will get better results from this CBD Vegan Gummies 1000mg Jar supplement than most other similar products in the market. If you take it in the morning, it will improve your focus and energy levels. Better still, your stress levels will be down at all times. Check PriceFrom considerable improvement in your waistline to physical and mental wellbeing, this Rhodiola Rosea Supplement can prove to be an ideal choice. Tested for its quality, each pill contains 700mg of Rhodiola Rose extract without any hidden fillers. So, no life will be at stake by consuming this source-of-good-health product.

I watched a video on this herb and it praises it much for fat loss, so now I’m trying it. It is high strength, but I wish it had the black pepper ingredient in it also for better absorbency. Studies with mice do not show rhodiola rosea to have much of an effect on memory.

To avoid habituation, I do not take any capsules for normal, merely stressful exercise. Find out if having low magnesium levels increases the risk of depression and if supplements such as magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, can help for depression. Also, find out how to make sure you are getting adequate magnesium. For information about other supplements used for depression, see our product reviews of St. John’s Wort Supplements, Fish Oil Supplements, SAMe Supplements and Turmeric/Curcumin Supplements. After spending several hours with harvesters, our group traveled a couple of hours down onto the plains north of the Tian Shan, to meet with buyers of Rhodiola.

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These effects are largely due to a novel group of compounds in the root known as rosavins. Extensively well-studied, the rosavins act in the brain in a variety of ways. Many studies support what even the ancient Chinese emperors knew – that Rhodiola rosea gives a terrific lift to body and mind. In mountain villages of Siberia, a bouquet of roots is still given to couples prior to marriage to enhance fertility and assure the birth of healthy children.2 In Middle Asia, R. Rosea tea was the most effective treatment for cold and flu during severe Asian winters.


There are some other products that are sometimes used to manage stress and anxiety. Not all of them have been studied enough to know if they provide a benefit. Lastly, the organization suggests that you look for a product that contains a seal of approval from a third party organization that provides quality testing.

Rhodiola Rosea Works As An Antidepressant

The combination of herbs in Rhodiola & Schisandra contains many compounds including phenylpropanoids such as rosarin, rosavin and rosin , salidroside , and dibenzocyclooctene lignans including schisandrin. All capsules should be taken either with breakfast or lunch. It’s important never to take How many Sugar Free CBD Gummies should I consume? before bedtime since it can induce insomnia. Be sure to speak with your doctor about using rhodiola rosea on a daily basis to figure out a perfect dosage amount for your lifestyle. Plus, how much of this herb should you consider incorporating into your daily diet?

Rhodiola Rosea Supplements Review

VH Nutrition suggests that using Rhodiola Rosea may also help relieve symptoms of depression, strengthen the nervous system, improve cognitive function, and increase libido. The heart-protective effects of this herbal extract have been shown in several studies. In one study, myocardial catecholamines and cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels were measured. Rhodiola rosea was found to prevent both stress-induced catecholamine release and higher cyclic AMP levels in the heart tissue.

Ultimately, the study showed that this nutrient improved the focus of the participants who’d taken the dosages of the herb, instead of the placebo. For this to be successful, they assigned 80 participants to be given placebo’s or dosages of the herb. Rhodiola rosea decreased fatigue– The participants’ performance levels were higher when given the dosages of this nutrient, compared to the placebo. You might not have heard of Rhodiola Rosea, but there’s been numerous studies conducted on this herb – measure how reliable and effective it is. Simply put, this nutrient improves your endurance while reducing fatigue by increasing your red blood cell count.

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb along the lines of more famous cousins such as ginseng, ashwaganda, suma, etc. As with any medication or supplements, make sure to ask your health practitioner first about adding Rhodiola to your regiment. Not all herbs and supplements are appropriate for everyone. Some may have a reaction, specially if already taking other medication. Most people with hypothyroidism often suffer from sluggishness, low energy and even depression.

The more of this herbal extract in a single serving, the better of an effect it will have on your health. If you buy a supplement with a very low dosage, then you are unlikely to experience any of the benefits associated with Rhodiola Rosea. On the other hand, taking a dose that is too high may cause adverse effects.

Side effects at very high doses can be increased salivation, anxiety, agitation, sleep problems, and nausea. In the case of nausea, it can be helpful to take Rhodiola right after meals. It is important to use Rhodiola preparations of high quality. For commercial products containing the herb, the best option is to buy products where the amount of the phenylpropanoids and salidroside in each tablet or capsule is stated on the package. Still, further studies done on humans are needed to fully determine and understand the potential of the herb as a remedy for cancer or as a supportive treatment in chemotherapy.

This means that Rhodiola works by trying to keep your whole body in balance, battle all stresses that your body may face and not produce any side effects. The idea is that a body in balance, on every level, will always perform better than a body out of balance.We will look at how Rhodiola Rosea effects both our mental and physical performance. We will try to keep the science and boring biochemistry light, but now might be a good time to refill that cup of coffee.

The rats that took Rhodiola rosea also had lower blood levels of a stress hormone that may play a role in binge eating. The reviewers conclude that research on Rhodiola rosea is “contradictory and inconclusive.” They recommend a non-biased, valid trial of the herb before it is put forward as a treatment for fatigue. Meanwhile, Rhodiola rosea has a low risk of side effects and appears to offer some benefits for many of these conditions.

Some may even choose to take their morning dose away from coffee to not feel overly stimulated. Adaptogen herbs help to build resistance to all areas of bodily stress such as extreme heat or cold, toxic chemicals, sleep deprivation, and depression, while producing a normalizing influence on the body. In simpler terms, an adaptogen like our Perfect Cordyceps is able to adapt to what the body needs and keep the body in balance. An ‘adaptogen’ is an herb that can help the body ‘adapt’ by normalizing body systems while increasing the resistance to adverse influences like anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. Some people use the term “arctic root” as the general name for this product; however, arctic root is actually a trademarked name for a specific commercial extract.

Between 1725 and 1960, various medicinal applications of R. Rosea appeared in the scientific literature of Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, the Soviet Union, and Iceland.2,4-12 Since 1960, more than 180 pharmacological, phytochemical, and clinical studies have been published. Rosea has been extensively studied as an adaptogen with various health-promoting effects, its properties remain largely unknown in the West. In part this may be due to the fact that the bulk of research has been published in Slavic and Scandinavian languages. Kava, a supplement used to treat anxiety, was one reported to avoid for possibly dangerous side effects.

The Role Of Rhodiola Rosea

If the rhodiola product doesn’t contain both of those compounds, put it back on the shelf. I’ve chosen to implement this website because I want people to realize that unlike many herbal remedies, which have questionable or at least debatable evidence of their usefulness, R. Rosea appears to be a legitimate supplement for a range of practical purposes, from greater mental performance to greater physical endurance to decreased fatigue in strenuous circumstances. So whether you choose a rhodiola capsule or a rhodiola rosea extract, you’re using one of the few herbal remedies where case studies indicate genuine effectiveness, despite minimal side effects. By Хабаровчанин [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsAs an energy booster, rhodiola is most commonly taken to alleviate fatigue and other forms of physical and mental stress.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Therefore animals were injected with repeated administration of morphine (10 mg/kg, subcutaneous) twice daily for five or six days, in order to make them tolerant or dependent. Extract (0, 10, 15 and 20 mg/kg) was administered by the intragastric route 60 min prior to each morphine injection or prior the last injection of morphine or naloxone on test day . Morphine tolerance was evaluated by testing its analgesic effect in the tail flick test at the 1st and 5th days. Morphine dependence was evaluated by counting the number of withdrawal signs after naloxone injection (5 mg/kg; intraperitoneal) on the test day . Extract significantly reduced the expression of morphine tolerance, while it was ineffective in modulating its acquisition.

Salidroside was first isolated in 1926 from Salix triandra L. And in Rhododendron35,36 in concentrations that can be higher than levels found in Rhodiola species, including R. Therefore, salidroside alone is not a useful marker compound for differentiating true R. Rosea from other Rhodiola species; nor should it be used as the only marker compound for the standardization of R. Rhodiola Rosea is observed to help in treating mild to moderate depression symptoms, with no apparent side effects.

It is said that Rhodiola is an excellent source of extra energy for the body, including the human brain. Individuals who take this supplement agree that Rhodiola helps them maintain a good mood, positive outlook and higher levels of energy. This is great news for those battling depression or who regularly carry out athletic activities, two subjects we will get into detail about below. Several studies suggest this natural nootropic can reduce brain fog and mental fatigue. Rhodiola can also prolong time to exhaustion during stressful situations.

The following have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine R. Roseais a perennial that prefers arid sandy soil and grows at very high altitudes, particularly in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia. You can break off one of the stems for taller varieties and push it into the ground where you would like to grow it. The stem will root very easily, and a new plant will be established in a season or two. Simply laying the planton the ground where you want it to grow is usually enough to get the plant started there for shorter varieties.

Several research publications in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine also highlight Rhodiola rosea memory improvement capability. They show that the extract was effective in reducing the physical and mental fatigue that the involved subjects experienced, thus better memory. The plant adds energy, removes fatigue, improves mood, reduces emotional tension, and improves concentration. Research units around the world are constantly conducting clinical trials on the use of Rhodiola Rosea in the treatment of depression. There’s no point in taking pills after pills when the body is unable to digest it.

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