Rig Welding Jobs – What You Ought To Know About Oil Rig Welder Jobs

Anyone who has ever seen the movie Armageddon with stars Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis will no doubt be acquainted with the term roughnecks. In the movie the roughnecks basically save the world from doom by destroying an asteroid. The term means anyone who is actually definitely an oil industry worker, whether it be land based or sea based. Sea based oil workers usually work on rigs. This article shows a few roughneck jobs the they do and earn.

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While most underwater welders make about 75 dollars per hour, it is not at all amazing unearth some that will make as up to 100 dollars per hour for an 8 hour day. The compensation towards your tasks is very lucrative if you’ve got what it takes to function in underwater welding jobs a good offshore oil rig.